Magnetic Screen Door
Magnetic Screen Door
Magnetic Screen Door
Magnetic Screen Door
Magnetic Screen Door

Magnetic Screen Door

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Magnetic Screen Door keeps bugs off, let fresh air in and easy for toddlers & pets to walk through freely, it makes your life more comfortable and easier! 

Never blown up by Wind

Also, there are four sets built-in gravity stick in screen doors for homes, so the mesh curtain have enough heavy to make screen door hang straightly, and it can close the door more quickly after walking through; do not need to worry about wind will be blew your screen door.

Make Your Life Easier
The magnetic screen doors sewn Velcro on screen doors, they are different from old styles that use tacks to fasten the screen door. It is more convenient and easier to remove in winter when you do not use it. 


  • Built-in Strong Magnetic and Extra Gravity Sticks:
    Sewed in strong magnetic points make the screen door mesh curtain close much quicker and more silent. 
  • Full Frame Velcro Design and Push up Pins Support
    The screen curtain use the full frame Velcro design which enable you to remove the mesh curtain anytime; to secure the screen into its place much more stable, extra push pins was provided.
  • Human and Pets Entry Friendly
    Directly walkthrough screen doors no matter for human or pets. And it is really easy for installation without any tool.


    • Color: Black
    • Size: 20.60 x 10.05 mm
    • Net weight: 360 g
    • Package weight: 400g


    • Magnet Screen Door