The best crochet websites you need to know about

There are a lot of resources out there. Some crochet websites are worth your time, some really aren’t. So, I’ve taken the work out of it for you and made a list.

This isn’t the only list of its kind (no surprises there), but several others I checked out have outdated links to sites that are no longer active. I promise I’ll try my best to regularly re-check and update this post if links do stop working.

Happy reading!

LOVE SewrellaUnfortunately she has never heard of me, but I highly recommend her website. If you’ve been browsing crochet websites then no doubt you already know of this one. If not, take a look as soon as you can.

She has great patterns for crochet, tips and tricks, and she is also wonderfully encouraging when it comes to blogging. She regularly updates her website with new patterns, which often have video tutorials to accompany the written instructions.

Seriously, although I read a lot of blogs when I was getting started, hers was the one that gave me the push I needed.

The creator, Ashleigh, has a great friendly style and a ton of resources. For learners, she posts videos on YouTube with tutorials as well as blog posts on the different crochet stitches. This poncho is typical of Sewrella’s designs, and there are a LOT more where that came from. 

Fibre Flux is another great page with tutorials galore. Jennifer covers knitting as well as crochet and a variety of other crafts. She has basic information as well as more advanced stitches. Just look at her curlicue work here!

She has a page dedicated to colour inspiration, and a lot of her pictures use my favourite options, including the curlicue image above. I’m a big fan of purple and would totally have gone for the galaxy hair trend if only I was braver. And more willing to commit to upkeep. Alas… *sigh*

Another great crochet website that has a lot to offer both the newbie crafters and the more experienced among us.

Even if there was nothing else, I really like the name and tag line (crochet, knitting, world domination).

An unusual feature about this site is that in addition to the usual pattern posts she also links to a number of ‘moogly makers’ – sites where you can buy crochet items. Including a link to one very entertaining NSFW Etsy shop.

She even separates them by country so you don’t have to go wading through a massive list of irrelevant sites to find one that will deliver to your address.

And just look at how beautiful this shawl is…I want it and I want it now.

A gorgeous shawl from Moogly


This site focuses on patterns. Tutorials are available but many relate to patterns the author, Erica, has posted rather than general beginner tutorials. Still, her written style is great and she has lots available. Again, perhaps not one for the beginners, but definitely worth a look.

Cheating a little here as some of you reading this post will have come from Pinterest, but for those who haven’t you should really create a profile. There is a ridiculous amount of information available, both information and simply enjoyable to look at.

Warning – if you aren’t careful you will easily lose hours of time on this site going from pin to pin without losing interest.

Ok, I admit that this isn’t a dedicated crochet website. Craftsy covers a number of creative arts, and a lot of the resources are paid rather than free. That being said, there’s a lot to look at including a wide selection of free patterns if you use the filters. Online classes are also available for topics that go beyond what you would typically find on YouTube. Speaking of which…

Perhaps it’s another obvious one that doesn’t need a mention, but if you are just getting started you can learn a huge amount with YouTube tutorials. You can find some tutorial recommendations on my post – Getting Started With Yarn.

Another general craft website, but it still has a lot to offer crochet beginners. The Spruce is the craft, decor, home section of what used to be If you are an experienced crocheter this probably isn’t for you, but it can be helpful if you are just starting out. There is a rather helpful post with tips that should probably be mentioned more often by the crochet community.

Time to get stitching!

I hope you find these useful. Comment to let me know about your favourite crochet and craft websites.