Hi there!

I’m Fiona, and welcome to my blog, keeping reading to find out more about me.

After many years of believing that I didn’t have a creative bone in my body I decided to make some changes.

The Nudge I Needed

I had been feeling increasingly stressed by work and needed to find some kind of outlet to take my mind away from the office and into a more relaxed state. All of the options I was familiar with seemed impossible. I have friends who are incredible musicians, artists and writers. None of those areas held my interest for long enough to develop any level of skill. For example, having given up piano lessons after only Grade 1, I knew the chances of  me practising would be low.

When my niece was born I thought it would be nice to make rather than buy a present. Although it took ages, I was extremely proud to have created something from just some needles and a few balls of yarn. Admittedly it was wonky and uneven, but still, I had created something.

I eventually remembered being taught the basics of crochet at 14. I’d enjoyed the rhythm of it and it seemed to be faster to make progress than I had with other projects. So, I bought a book, explored videos on YouTube and just started stitching.

I loved the rhythm and movement of crochet and quickly got hooked (over-used pun intended!) Now I want to connect with others who love it as well and see how they have progressed in their craft.

Passions beyond yarn

My other love is for travel. My favourite place on earth is New Zealand; slightly unfortunate given that it is pretty much as far away as you can get from the UK without being on your way back. Still, I recommend it more than anywhere else. I love to explore new places. Wandering around a new city, exploring the sights and finding the best coffee is when I feel most like me.

So, here I am. Learning as I go, not pretending to be an expert. An enthusiast who wants to share as I go.

There is a huge amount to learn and I want to pass on what I can. If nothing else, this should be fun as well as a new creative challenge. Perhaps I’ll shake off the idea that I have no creative abilities. It might take a while, but there’s nothing to lose, only to gain.

Happy crafting.