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Seattle – highlights and must sees

Seattle - more than just grey's anatomy Seattle is one of my favourite places I’ve visited in the last few years. While planning the trip I saw some articles that suggested locals might not always be very friendly to outsiders but my experience was nothing but...

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8 Reasons Why You Should Travel

Travel can transform people, make them brave, happy and full of life. Here are just some of the reasons why travel should be part of your life. Self confidence Nothing boosts confidence quite like travelling. It can take some bravery, especially if you are travelling...

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New Zealand – my favourite place on earth

So this is my first diversion into travel. I just can't help it - I want this country to be on everyone's wish list. After a post-university year in New Zealand I have never gotten over that country. I suspect I will never find anywhere else in the world that I love...

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Chasing Yarn's Guide to Crochet
Crochet is easy to pick up with a little bit of help, some yarn and a hook. There’s inspiration to be found everywhere.
Wellington, New Zealand
Oxford, United Kingdom
Seattle, United States